WAC offers both therapeutic & social care to ladies who are 50 plus years. We provide a wide range of services and a high standard of care, but also encourage service users to maintain a healthy and independent living.

We offer appropriate and culturally sensitive services designed to meet identified needs.

Key Focus at WAC

At WAC we are working towards moving/shifting away from the fixed psychology created in South Asian communities.

Focus on Mental Health

  • Mental health problems are not shameful.
  • Encourage discussions on mental health issues which are otherwise ignored.

Normalising Mental Illness

  • Mental health problems can affect everyone, including your family.
  • 1 in 4 people will be affected by mental health issues during their life time.
  • Mental health issues can affect people independent of creed, colour, gender or status.
  • Increase open discussions about mental health problems. Mental illness is a taboo subject in South Asian communities, resulting in a lack of awareness and knowledge.
  • Continually working towards delivering important key facts on mental illness.

Deliver Positive Messages about People with Mental Health Problem's : Emphasis on:-

  • People recover from mental illness.
  • With the right treatment and support people can recover.
  • People develop mental illness through no fault of their own.